Music Video Of The Week: I.O.U. Nothing by Coal Chamber

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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The Nu-Metal legends Coal Chamber’s first album Rivals which is also their first album in 13 years was released this week and the band has a music video for their first single. I had already covered I.O.U. Nothing for the single of the week which you can see here and read all about it. Lead singer Dez Fafara describes the band’s video to AP, “The video is a director concept, featuring two opposing forces both telling each other they owe nothing to one another. But in the aftermath, both have the blood of the other on their hands, because we are all intertwined and seeking to owe nothing in the end.” The video literally featurs what looks like two nuns of some sort or two women dressed in all white arguing with each other throughout the whole video and they become bloodied as the video continues. Here is what Dez said the song was about, “I.O.U. Nothing’ is about being able to sleep well at night, knowing you owe no one anything in life except yourself and your family. It’s like we’re climbing towards the sun, falling over everything falling over every one, just kick the planets aside, come with me the universe will provide!’ To sum up the first line, it’s is basically saying, in life go at it your hardest, step over obstacles, do your best—and if you do, the universe will give its rewards and do it without owning anyone anything!” Check out the video below:

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