Zombeavers 3There are some titles that you see online that you just can’t pass up especially when one of your posts is called Cheeseball Cinema. The minute I saw a post on Facebook about Zombeavers, I immediately knew that this was a film that was going to end up being a Cheeseball Cinema post. Three sorority sisters are on their way to the country side for a boys free weekend getaway. You see Jenn (Lexi Atkins) found out that her boyfriend cheated on her so Mary (Rachel Melvin) and Zoe (Cortney Palm) decide to take her out without any distractions until the boyfriends show up anyways. The only problem with it all is they din’t realize some toxic waste was dumped onto a beaver dam turning all of the beavers at the lake in zombie beavers. Now, they’ll have to try their best to escape the country side before they get eaten alive by beavers. The film also stars Hutch Dano (Ramona And Beezus) as Sam, Jake Weary (It Follows) as Tommy, Peter Gilroy (The Wedding Ringer) as Buck, Rex Linn (Cliffhanger) as Smyth, Brent Briscoe (The Dark Knight Rises) as Winston, Bill Burr (The Heat) as Joseph, John Mayer (Get Hard) as Luke, Robert R Shafer (Psycho Cop) as the trucker, and the film was directed by Jordan Rubin (Crank Yankers).

zombeavers 4Can I just tell you how fantastically cheesy this film really is because I frigging loved it. This may be the new Sharknado unless they never make another Zombeavers ever again which would be a shame cause everyone jumps on the idea of making sequels. The film for some reason does not follow the typical rules of horror flicks where there is the slutty girl, the girl with a crushing secret, and the hurt/good girl. Now using your own better judgment and given the amount of research available, who lives and who dies? Nine times out of ten I am right on the money of who lives and who dies, but this film will fool you and that was a pleasant surprise. As far as T&A is concerned, there is one whole scene where Zoe is topless for a good amount of time, but other than that there is no more T&A for you b-movie fans. I have to also say that the acting isn’t that bad, just some of the writing was cheesy and that is forgivable at times. No the beavers itself were a little cheesy as you could tell that they were animatronics, but that is another part that just makes it more fun. All I am going to say is check out what happens to the humans when they are bitten by zombie beavers and Bill Burr’s cameo with Jon Mayer is excellent. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this film a 3.5 for a final grade. The movie is available on Netflix as we speak so go and check it out.


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