Single Of The Week: Françafrique by Refused

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Single Of The Week
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Last month we had the first single from Swedish band Refused called Elektra which was also their first single in over 17 years. The band aims to not disappoint fans as they have now unleashed another single from their upcoming fourth album Freedom called Françafrique and it’s different than the previous single. While Elektra was an in your face rocker, Françafrique has more of a funk infused pop sound to the track that starts with children chanting “Exterminate The Brute” and I have to admit that I am liking what I am hearing so far from these guys. The band’s history is a little different than most as the band broke up right after releasing their critically acclaimed third album The Shape Of Punk To Come in 1998. In 2012, the band reunited and played some gigs for fans that had been craving it for such a long time. Now the band is releasing the album Freedom on June 30 via Epitaph Records and singer Dennis Lyxzén talks about the reason to record, “When we got back together in 2012, I was very confident that that was gonna be it. We’re gonna do 10 shows,’ you know? But then we wound up doing 82, and somewhere down the line we ended up talking about creating new music together. But before that it was pretty unthinkable that this would ever happen. But I think that was partly a matter of history, and sort of the legacy of what Refused was. A lot of people think, ‘Oh, those guys, their last record was The Shape of Punk to Come, they can never f— with that.’ So it’s very unexpected to people that we decided to actually f— with that.” Check out the track below:

  1. […] treat fans to some of the tracks on the album as they unveiled the singles Françafrique (article here) and Elektra (article here) for all the world to hear and we covered them for our singles of thew […]


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