Asking Alexandra Have New Singer and A New Single

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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Denis_Stoff_Asking_AlexandriaWhen most bands lose a lead singer, it becomes a heavy task to replace him with the right person that fans will be OK with in accepting. Many bands have failed in the past with new lead singers like Motley Crue, Skid Row, and some succeeded like Iron Maiden, Anthrax, and more. Earlier in the year, Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop quite the band leaving them with a gap to fill and the band has found their man. Former Down And Dirty/Make Me Famous singer Denis Shaforostov was announced as the new lead singer and here is what Ben Bruce had to say about it in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine, “Everyone guessed it was Denis, and I think they did so because they know Denis was the right choice to make. He’s an incredibly talented vocalist, from the multiple wide range of screams that Asking Alexandria obviously needs and will continue to have, and his singing and range is out of this world. He’s been a fan of the band for al ing time, so he’s familiar with all our old songs, and he really cares about the band. He’s a passionate, cool guy; it’s the perfect scenario.“The magazine also spoke to Denis who had this to say, “I had this gut feeling, man; I totally felt something big was going to happen right before the guys reached out to me. It’s crazy. Honestly, I’ve never been waiting for such an opportunity to ever knock at my door but, as the same time, I was always ready for it. Without a doubt, I was extremely stoked and I poured all of my emotions into the writing for the new Asking Alexandria record.” Check out the new single I Won’t Give In below and read the full interview in the current issue of Kerrang! which is out right now.


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