Music Video Of The Week: My God-Given Right by Helloween

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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Everyone’s favorite 80’s German Power Metal band Helloween are back with a new album called My God-Given Right which is due out tomorrow (May 29) via Nuclear Blast Records and the band is doing just that. They are exercising their God given rights to rock out and they have also unleashed a music video for the title track. Singer Andi Deris describes the origin of the title My God-Given Right saying, “My God-Given Right’ was actually from my father telling me on finishing school and I did not know what to do with my life. You have a big question mark over your head, what should you do? I definitely had that dream of making music like so many kids have, but I was very fortunate to have a father who completely backed me up. He said ‘you’re my only son – if I see you happy, you make me happy and it’s your God-given right to do what you want with your life, or at least give it a try. And whatever you do, I’m behind you.’ And my own son last year was more or less asking me the same question, so it went back to the days with my father. I told my son what his Grandfather told me and I thought it’s a beautiful title for a song.” The music video is partly a performance based video with some Star Wars type of stuff going on except the stormtroopers have Helloween pumpkin as their helmets and they are shooting guns with lasers and going after a girl in the video. It’s classic metal at it’s best and you should check it out below.

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