Teen WitchIt must have been more than 24 years since I last watched the film that I chose for today’s Cheeseball Cinema entry. The film is called Teen Witch and it stars the beautiful Robyn Lively (Wildcats) as Louise Miller, a girl who by looking at her you can instantly tell that she is not one of the popular kids in school. One thing is for sure, all she wants is what every girl dreams of and that is to be noticed by everyone, but by the high school hunk which in this film’s instance is a jock named Brad (Dan Gauthier). Well, one day, Louise visits a fortune teller and she finds out that she comes from a long line of witches and when she turns 16, she’ll be able to cast spells on everyone at the school. The film also stars Joshua John Miller (River’s Edge) as Richie Miller, Dick Sargent (Bewitched) as Mr. Miller, Mandy Ingber (Mr. Mom) as Polly, Zelda Rubinstein (Poltergeist) as Madame Serena, Tina Caspary (Can’t Buy Me Love) as Shawn, Lisa Fuller (The Monster Squad) as Randa, Shelley Berman (Meet The Fockers) as Mr. Weaver, Marcia Wallace (The Simpsons) as Ms. Malloy, and the film was directed by Dorian Walker (Making The Grade). 

robin livelyI can’t believe that I was such a huge fan of this film back when I saw it on HBO or something back in 1990 or 91. It’s one huge music video or dance number after another, but after watching it you just ed up saying to yourself it was only the 80’s. One thing the film did do was it tried to incorporate Hip Hop with mainstream films considering the art for was starting to take over the airwaves. Think about who was popular in 1989: N.W.A., The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and so many others. For those of you that are wondering, there is absolutely no T&A, but there was Robyn Lively who was clearly the reason I loved and watched the whole entire film in my pre-pubescent days. I was watching the film earlier tonight thinking man I can’t believe how corny this film was for the time. Apparently according to Wikipedia, when it was pitched to exes, it was pitched as the female version of Teen Wolf which makes sense, but nowhere close to those films. The movie however is considered a cult classic so I have to give the film props because it has its good points and it features the late and great Zelda Rubinstein who starred in the original and amazing Poltergeist film. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to have to give this film a 2.5 for a final grade because I am still in love with the 80’s and Robyn Lively. Check it out right now on Netflix.

  1. Megan says:

    Such a cool movie.


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