samOne of the reasons for starting Tuesday Stand Up was not only to view the stars of today, but to also see and review specials of the legends of yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I had never seen a stand up special with Sam Kinison, but he was sort of like the rock star of comedian because a lot of musicians loved the guy and he tore up Hollywood int he 80’s. This was one of Sam’s HBO specials titled Sam Kinison: Breaking The Rules and it was a performance that was taped at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood and it is considered one of his best specials. In the special, Sam tackles everything imaginable from God, Hell, relationships, Lepers, Jesus, preachers (considering he used to be a minister), being attracted to heart breakers, Vietnam, sex education and the disadvantages of being a guy, performing fellatio, AIDS & Gays, and other disturbing topics as well as a special performance at the end of the show. He even pays homage to Hugh Hefner who is one of the people enjoying the show.

sam 2One of the great things about this particular show is the fact that Sam Kinison was intense and he really was in a league of his own. Jay Leno once said, “Sam scared the hell out of you…and was the funniest comedian…” Which is a very true statement because the man pushed the envelope, but he did with pure genius. One of the issues that would be considered not okay in this day and age was his topic on AIDS & the Gay community. They would have never stood for that if it was today, but it was the 80’s and not a lot was known about that topic back then. The man was respected by many including a lot of his own peers like Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and so many more. Sadly, there will never be another comedian quite like Sam Kinison and to be honest I am OK with that because we don’t need clones. The special is available to watch on Youtube which is how I watched it so I definitely suggest watching this special to see how he pushed the envelope and made intelligent jokes. He does give all guys a very important lesson on how to please women in this special so it’s definitely worth watching. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.


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