Music Video Of The Week: The Human Hive by Boris The Blade

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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When I first came across the name of the band Boris The Blade on youtube, I thought it was going to be a band featuring the man who played Boris The Blade in the Guy Ritchie film Snatch Rade Serbedzija. Or at least I thought it was going to be a clip with the man in character, but I was wrong. Boris The Blade is according to them on Facebook a, “VIOLENT RUTHLESS MELBOURNE DEATH” Their a deathcore band from Melbourne who is signed to Century Media Records for the whole world except Australia. For more information on the band, please visit and like their Facebook page here if you like their music. Nevertheless, there is one thing that is for sure and it’s that this band is intense as you hear when you watch the video for their track The Human Hive which is the title track to their debut album of the same name. One thing that the band does throughout the music video is that the lyrics are provided to you on the screen in the performance based video. (I thought it was a lyric video, but it says official video). Check it out below and check out the band’s Facebook page in the link provided above.


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