Soundtrack Saturdays: In The City by Joe Walsh

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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For today’s Soundtrack Saturdays track, we are going way back in time and it 36 years back in the past to a film that was as iconic as the man who provided us with today’s song. I am talking about the legendary Joe Walsh of The Eagles and I am also talking about the 1979 film The Warriors. The film showed how New York and all of it’s Burroughs were divided into sections with various gangs that controlled all the turfs. Well, The Warriors are one of the gangs that are called to show up to a meeting where a charismatic leader is planning to take over all the gangs. The only problem is that this leader is killed and The Warriors are falsely accused of murdering him. Now they have to try and return to their turf before they hunted and killed by all the gangs of New York. In the original version of the film, the end credits were black for three minutes as our track by Joe Walsh which titled In The City plays. For those of you that remember The Eagles had a version on their album The Long Run, but the song first was recorded by Joe Walsh and appeared on this soundtrack before The Eagles re-recorded it. What can I say about the song other than it’s classic Joe Walsh at his best, the man is a rock icon period. Check out the track below and watch The Warriors.


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