I remember when the X-Games first started on ESPN, itt was one of the coolest events that I hoped was going to be around for a very long time and look where we are now. It’s 2015 and the X-Games are still around with so many events that they do compared to when it first started. The X-Games are in Austin, Texas and the X-Games had some legends of metal grace them with their presents and we are not talking about the Metal Mulisha, we are talking about the band that inspired the name. Metallica have become quite the requested act to play the national anthem as of late due to the fact that we’ve seen them do it twice for the San Francisco Giants (who hold Metallica night now) and now they did it on the dirt tracks in front of the X-Games crowd. Yesterday, Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett showed up to play their own unique version of The Star Spangled Banner in front of the X-Game crowd and it rocks. The band also teamed up with the Glitch Mob to do a remix of their track Lords Of Summer as the theme for this years X-Games in Austin which you can listen to and download from this link. They also performed at the event which all the money from the downloads will help aid the victims of the recent floods in Central Texas as the money is donated to the Central Texas Red Cross. Check out their performance of the national anthem below:

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