Tuesday Stand Up: Richard Pryor: Live On The Sunset Strip (1982)

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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richard pryorLast week, we watched a special from the legendary Sam Kinison which was cool to watch and this week I decided to check out another special from a true comedy legend because that was essentially the point of this Tuesday Stand Up post. Richard Pryor is one of the greatest stand up comedians in history and one of the most controversial ones as well. Over the course of two nights, he performed on the Sunset Strip and it was captured and released into the film from Columbia Pictures Richard Pryor: Live On The Sunset Strip. Richard delivers his comedy the only way he knows how in a very self deprecating style, great comedic material, and comic timing as he talks about Sex, discovering masturbation, Playboy models, Lawyers, being honest with yourself, women and being married, stories from movie sets like the trip to Arizona State Penitentiary, being in Africa, racism, his drug use,  and so many more topics.

richard pWhat more can I say about Richard Pryor other than the words I used in the above paragraph because he spits the truth at you while being funny at the same time. There is a great quote that every man should know from this film where he says, “There are only two pieces of pussy you’re gonna get in your entire life, that’s your first and your last.” Another great story is the Arizona State Penn story as well as the Africa story because while he is trying to tell you something, he is being funny at the same time. I believe this was his first special in a while as Richard was going through some hard times and I heard he was real nervous about going on stage before they taped it. Richard unfortunately only had one more stand up special after this one and he pretty much stopped after his one appearance in the show Norm in 1999. As you all know, he passed away in 2005 from a heart attack. This is definitely one of the best comedy specials he made that every comedy fan should check out for sure. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.


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