P.O.D. Unleash This Goes Out To You

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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One of my favorite bands and all around nice guys from the Nu Metal era that is still kicking it to this day in P.O.D. (Payable On Death) has unleashed some important info for fans of the band. The band released information on the upcoming release of their new album The Awakening which is due out August 21ST. In an interview with Billboard, singer Sonny Sandoval said, “The Awakening is meant to be listened to in its entirety. Every song ultimately explores a character dealing with life, making mistakes, fighting, trying. But we also live in a singles-type world, and it works on that level, too.” Traa Daniel (Bass) added, “[It’s] definitely an evolution from where we’ve come from. It’s this amazing piece of art that we’ve been able to put together as four guys who are like brothers — this is really special.” The band also unleashed a new track for all of the fans to hear and the track This Goes Out To You is also dedicated to the fans. The song is exactly what fans would expect from a P.O.D. track where it’s bumpin and it has a kick ass groove to it. Sandoval spoke about the origin of the track and why Producer Howard Benson was a big part of it stating, “Howard said, ‘Let’s do this for the fans who have been there for 23 years, who are growing with you and love your band and get you and your bigger-picture ideas, but let’s also make it accessible for other listeners and fans.” Fans can pre-order an autographed copy of the new record, but it’s limited to 500 copies so get it while it’s still available by going here. Check out the song below:


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