Today, we are going to give a double shot of Music Videos Of The Week because we are feeling generous. A couple of weeks ago in an interview, M. Shawn Crahan claimed that Slipknot was the best metal band in the world and he may actually be right about that. The band has released a phenomenal record one right after the other as their albums never disappoint. The band has also championed amazing music videos throughout their illustrious careers that are just visually stunning and captivating. The brand new video for Killpop that the band unveiled is no different than any of the other videos as it is as visually stunning as any of them. M. Shawn Crahan (Clown) directed the music video and even though the song is considered their popiest track, you wouldn’t know it from the video. It’s a performance video with a lot of stunning visuals that will make you pay attention at all times. Corey Taylor recently spoke to WGRD 97.9FM about what the track really is about, he states, “You know, what’s funny [is] over the last few weeks, I’ve really gotten everyone’s interpretation of what that song means to them, and it’s nowhere near what I wrote about. So it’s kind of interesting to hear people’s interpretations of what I’m singing about. And I’ll be honest with you: the song is my reflection on my relationship with music. That’s who the ‘she’ is. And not just music, but the music industry in general. So there’s a love-hate relationship there that really kind of comes into view.” Be sure to check out Slipknot this summer as they tour with Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine, and Motionless In White and check out the video below:


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