For today’s Soundtrack Saturday film, I turned to an artist that is truly one of my favorite artists to spawn out of the 1990’s which was a weird decade to begin with. I of course am talking about the man I dubbed the last living true rock star in shock rocker Marilyn Manson who gave us the song Long Hard Road Out Of Hell which at the time was also the name of his first and only autobiography. In 1997, New Line Cinema decided to release a film that was sort of a superhero film that was written and drawn by the awesome Todd McFarlane called Spawn.  The film encompassed everything that was the style of the 1990’s in that it was dark and gritty much like how The Crow was when that was released. The film starred Michael Jai White as the title character Spawn and it also featured the likes of John Leguizamo, Martin Sheen, D.B. Sweeney, and Nicol Williamson to name a few of the actors. Much like soundtrack that was provided for The Crow film and other antihero superhero films of the 90’s they needed a soundtrack that could match the grittiness of the film. The soundtrack featured tracks from metal bands that collaborated with electronic artists like Moby with Butthole Surfers or Slayer with Atari Teenage Riot. The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is a song that Marilyn Manson did along with the Sneaker Pimps because the song feature vocals from Kelli Ali. It’s an amazing song and definitely one of my top 10 Marilyn Manson tracks that he made. It’s also the best song he provided for a soundtrack in his career in my opinion. Check it out below:

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