Tuesday Stand Up: Russell Peters: Notorious (2013)

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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notorriousOnce again I am turning to the one and only Netflix and their streaming site to determine what comedy special I am going to choose next for this weeks Tuesday Stand Up. I have to be honest with all of you and tell you that he was on my queue for a very long time before I chose to watch the stand up special from Russell Peters. I always thought the man looked familiar, but I chose his comedy special from 2013 called Russell Peters: Notorious which was filmed live at Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia and it just happens to be the man’s sixth comedy special I believe. In the special, the Canadian born comedian talks about everything imaginable with the Aussie crowd from what DJ’s are actually supposed to do, white people, Spanish in Florida, Going to Thailand (and getting a massage), Arab Men not being able to say no, kids, pregnant women, birth, learning Spanish, growing up with immigrant parents, tattoos, and so much more in this no holds barred comedy special.

russellI have to say that for some reason I am huge fan of guys who talk with accents because it’s the brand of comedy that I would do if I was a comedian. I just feel that it’s something everyone can relate to in a way because someone knows someone that talks the way you do it. One thing is definitely for sure when it comes to Russell Peters and it’s the fact that he knows how to interact with his crowds and he makes it funny. That was some of the funniest material of the whole show was seeing the way he interacted with them and they laughed with him. That is just his style of comedy and it works because it gets the crowd involved in the joke. It’s definitely one of the premier comedy specials out there from Netflix and one that everyone definitely should check out. Like I said, his material is funny, his impressions are great, and the overall show is great. I am going to give the comedy special an A- for a final grade. Check it out now on Netflix.

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