maxresdefaultI thought that prequels were a thing of the 21ST Century as a desperation move for Hollywood to try and generate more money, but little did I know that they did it back in the 1980’s. That is where our film for this week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesdays comes in to play as we present Missing In Action 2: The Beginning. The film once again stars Chuck Norris as Colonel Braddock, but this time the film follows the story from the beginning instead of where it took place in the first film. Colonel Braddock and his men were on a mission over Vietnam when their helicopter was shot down by the Vietcong forcing them to jump out before it crashed. The men were then taken hostage and held in a POW camp well after the war had finished. The only problem is that Colonel Yin ( Soon-Tek Oh) won’t let them go until he can get Braddock to admit to committing war crimes against Vietnam. Now it’s up to Braddock to try and figure something out before all of his men that are left are killed by Yin and his men. The film also stars Professor Toru Tanaka (The Running Man) as Lao, Steven Williams (21 Jump Street) as Captain Nester, Bennett Ohta (The Golden Child) as Captain Ho, Cosie Costa (Remy Williams: The Adventure Begins) as Mazilli, Joe Michael Terry (Cannery Row) as Opelka, John Wesley (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) as Frankie, David Chung (Repo Man) as Dou Chou, Christopher Cary (Watchers) as Emerson, Dean Raphael Ferrandini (Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom) as Kirtle, and the film was directed by Lance Hool (Steel Dawn). Now let’s check out some stats before we get into the review of the film.

Missing In Action 2 Stats











15-1This is obviously our second Chuck Norris film that we’ve done for Ass Whoopin Wednesdays and it’s personally one of my favorite film series that he was involved with. AMC was showing this on TV today and I couldn’t resist watching the film and hence the reason why I chose it for today. For the origin story, I explained that the whole film is the origin story because it’s telling you how they got to Vietnam and why he chose to go back in the first film. He has a total of 24 kills/knockouts and his love interest is back home in the states. Who knows if Colonel Yin was telling the truth about her moving on or not, but he burnt the letter that she sent him. All of his friends in the film which are soldiers are essentially hurt and put in constant danger by the evil and sadistic Colonel Yin. I do want to say that Soon-Tek Oh does just as amazing a job in this film as Chuck Norris did. The two of them are sort of a perfect balance of the ying and yang, good and evil let’s just say. There is not a heck of a lot of action for most of the film, but when it starts up you can be sure that Chuck Norris is opening up the can of whoop ass for sure. I am going to give the film 3.8 fists out of five for a final grade.


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