careless whisperI have taken a lot of crap from my friends over the years about the fact that I love the track Careless Whisper by Wham, you know the cheesy 80’s group that brought us George Michaels. No one in the world can deny the amazing vocals that Michaels provided for the track and for a long time I was waiting for someone to cover this song. I had the intuition that this was a track that would translate nicely with some heavy guitars and such. Then comes South African rock band Seether who had the brains in 2007 to take the chance and cover Careless Whisper as a bonus track for their album Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces. Obviously, the guitars in the song replaced the epic saxophone playing from the original track, but Seether does a great job keeping the spirit of the original track alive in this one. It’s a sensitive ballad that deserved the power rock ballad treatment that they give in this track. Shaun Morgan obviously doesn’t have the same vocal qualities as George Michaels, but his vocals work for the tempo and style of the band’s cover. It is truly an amazing cover and definitely one to look at if you want to know what taking a song and making it your own is all about. I provided you guys with the music video for the track as well which does an amazing job poking fun at the 80’s in Atari/Nintendo game style as we see a little E.T. and Teen Wolf to name a few. Check it out below:

  1. purpledarts says:

    Such a great song!


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