I saw an article that said that Slayer compared themselves to AC/DC in terms of losing an iconic member and moving on after their death. Of course, they are referencing the fact that AC/DC moved on past the death of Bon Scott to become even bigger than they were with Brian Johnson. Thrash Metal titans Slayer are looking to do the same thing as they move on past the death of iconic member Jeff Hanneman. After the Golden God awards last year, Slayer unleashed the first track off their new album Repentless (The album is available September 11TH) called Implode and for record store day they unleashed the track When The Stillness Comes for all of their fans to hear. Now the band is back with an album cover that is sure to make Christians every where cringe at the very sight of it and they have another single for you in the title track. Slayer’s Kerry King describes the title track as their Hanneanthem, “I went with it based on Slayer. Slayer is repentless; Slayer’s always been repentless. I said, ‘You know what, I should write something about how I think Jeff looked at the world, because he looked at the world exactly how Slayer looked at the world.’ Plus little ‘Jeff-isms.’ It was both easy and difficult. The difficult part was doing it justice; I didn’t want to just throw it together. I wanted it to be solid, as deep as it could be without getting personal.” Check out the track for yourself below and pre-order the album now through this link. Check out the track listing and artwork below as well.

Repentless Track Listing:

01. Delusions of Saviour
02. Repentless
03. Take Control
04. Vices
05. Cast the First Stone
06. When the Stillness Comes
07. Chasing Death
08. Implode
09. Piano Wire
10. Atrocity Vendor
11. You Against You
12. Pride in Prejudice


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