Soundtrack Saturday: Flash Gordon Theme by Queen

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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There was a time when Sci-fi movies were starting to become a really huge thing in Hollywood since the success of Star Wars and Star Trek. So in 1980, one of the most epic sci-fi b-movies ever was released in Flash Gordon which starred Sam J. Jones as the title character. Flash was a football player who ends up travelling to the planet Mongo to take on the evil Emperor Ming (Max von Sydow) to save the planet from his evil rule. The soundtrack was performed by legendary 70’s rock band Queen who wrote and recorded the Flash Gordon Theme. The song is exactly what you think it would be as it is a theme song rather than a song with complete lyrics other than “Flash a-ah, Savior of the Universe. Flash a-ah, He’ll save every one of us.” The song is perfect and it was done by the right band in the end as we all cherish the very theme that captured our hearts as kids. The film is amazing by the way. Check it out below:


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