Update as of 6/23/2015: As you can see below I posted this article on the 21ST, but new information has been made available to us. According to Loudwire.com, “Disturbed just released another teaser video, which is posted below the other two tweeted videos in this post. In this one, “The Guy” rises from his slumber and directs fans to the band’s website, which contains a countdown clock leading to Tuesday, June 23, at 8AM ET.” You can check that video right here and check out the other two below.

the guyThere is no denying the impact that Nu Metal titans Disturbed had on the music scene in the late 90’s to early 2010’s before the band called it quits (or a hiatus depending on how you look at it) in 2011. I always looked at Disturbed as a band that had hit it’s peak so in my view I thought the hiatus was a good idea because it gave fans something to crave for. Look what it did for System Of A Down, fans are begging that band for another album or better yet look at Faith No More. The band took a hiatus for a long time, came back and released an album, and it was a smash hit with fans. The question is could the same thing work for Disturbed? Well, the band teased out a couple of images that has fans wondering if a potential reunion is on the horizon. The first image features the band’s mascot “The Guy” on what looks to be life support (seen here) while the second image (seen here) apparently shows him awakening as he is starting to move more. The outpouring emotions that the fans are showing are all over the place as one fan states, “Don’t play with my feelings” while a more optimistic fan states, “The beast is about to awake! Disturbed is back!” Blabbermouth.net however is offering fans more of a postive outlook on it as they preorted that that band was in Vegas with producer Kevin Churko. Nevertheless, the band has also updated their logo(you can see that below) which should be good news for Disturbed fans.Since 2011, the guys have kept themselves busy as David Draiman did his Device project while Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren had their project Fight Or Flight (which was amazing), and bassist John Moyer kept busy with Adrenaline Mob and Art Of Anarchy. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available, but what do you think?

disturbed logo

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