You are probably wondering who in the hell is PTP and what movie soundtrack did they appear in that I would include for my Soundtrack Saturdays post? PTP (or Programming The Psychodrill which was a J.G. Ballard song) is probably one of the shortest lived side projects that Al Jourgensen of Ministry has ever been involved with in his whole entire career and believe me he has had a lot of side projects. The track Show Me Your Spine was written by Jourgensen, Paul Barker, and Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and it was featured in the film RoboCop (not the remake, but the original 1987 film). The song is briefly played when RoboCop (Peter Weller) goes into the club to grab one of the villains named Nash (Ray Wise) to question him about his murder. The sounds of the music sonically represents the Wax Trax sound that was known for having arpeggio melodies, Loud Drums, Fairlight orchestral hits, and the distorted vocal style of Ogre. It’s one of those tracks that I can actually imagine a club spinning because it has that feel to it where you would dance. Check out the track below:


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