The Beast WithinI have been on a fix lately when it comes to what movies I see and it’s for the fact that I want to watch every film released in the year 1982. In my quest to watch every film released the year I was born, I stumbled upon this horror flick known as The Beast Within and it’s today’s Cheeseball Cinema flick.The year is 1965 in a small town in Mississippi and Eli (Ronny Cox) and Caroline MacCleary (Bibi Besch) are newlyweds driving on their honeymoon when something happens to his car. Eli runs to a local gas station for help, but his wife who was left behind was raped by a beast and left for dead. 17 Years later, the couples son Michael (Paul Clemens) is going through some weird changes that lead all of the back to that small Mississippi town. Weird things are happening in the town and people are winding up dead all around. Is Michael the killer or has someone come back to finish the job one and for all? The film also stars Don Gordon (Bullitt) as Judge Curwin, R.G. Armstrong (Children Of The Corn) as Doc Schoonmaker, Katherine Moffat (Spy Hard) as Amanda, L.Q. Jones (Casino) as Sheriff Pool, John Dennis Johnston (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) as Horace Platt, Luke Askew (Cool Hand Luke) as Dexter Ward, Meshach Taylor (Mannequin) as Deputy Herbert, Ron Soble (True Grit) as Tom Law, and the film was directed by Philippe Mora (Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf).

beast 5So I have to say right off the bat that this wasn’t that bad of a horror film to watch, but it’s confusing in a way. The film stylistically is very similar to other horror films of the time both in the way it looked, felt, and sounded. The music to the film was very similar to that of the score of any early Friday The 13TH film and believe me I checked, both were not down by the same person. Les Baxter did the score for this film while Friday The 13TH was done by Harry Manfredini so it could be safe to say that they may have copied his style. The part that is confusing is that you think the women is being attacked by a werewolf, but we never know for sure. Later on in the film, her son starts to transform into something that I have no idea what to call it. The film is kind of divided into three nights once Michael starts to transform and the last night or 30 minutes of the film are the best the film has to offer. Some of the kills before hand are pretty good while some are just ok, but it is a very solid horror film that I enjoyed watching. The transformation scene that the trailer for the film talks about is actually cool while at the same time a little goofy cause it looks like he’s turning into an insect creature, but that was the special effects for the early 80’s. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.3 for a final grade.



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