Music Video Of The Week: Violence by Obituary

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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obituaryOne of the biggest false conceptions about music videos is that it always has to be a video of the band performing their track live in a concert setting or in a dark and scary area. That is why it is always cool to see a band do something completely different than what other bands are doing because after all you want to emphasize what you are singing about in your track through visuals. That is exactly what legendary death metal act Obituary did for their track Violence which is off of their current record Inked In Blood and it’s our music video of the week. The band went all out creating an animated video that is very fun and gory at the same time as the video was directed by Hungarian animator Balász Gróf. The video is hilarious as the band goes through different situations in their van as they set off for their tour. The band deals with zombies, Godzilla, and driving through areas as they try to get to their show on time at the Hard Club. Check out the video below and check out the band’s Facebook page for more stuff like tour info, etc.


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