firehouseFor this week’s album of the week, it has been quite a long time since I covered a 80’s hair metal act and I figured now was as better of a time as ever to travel back in time. The band we are covering didn’t have to travel to Los Angeles or come from Los Angeles to make it big in the hair metal scene. In fact, FireHouse came from North Carolina where they would record demos all day and play hotel shows all night to earn some income. The band which was made up of C.J. Snare (Vocals), Bill Leverty (Guitars), Perry Richardson (Bass), and Michael Foster (Drums). After being seen in New York during a show, the band was signed to a record deal with Epic Records and they began work on their self titled debut album which they released on August 21, 1990. The album was certified double platinum in the US while it went Gold in Canada, Japan, and Singapore. The album produced three top 100 tracks for the billboard top 100 charts and they even won an American Music Award for best new heavy metal/hard rock being chosen over Nirvana and Alice In Chains in 1991.

1. Rock On The Radio– The first track off the record starts off with some drum beats and the band in very low voices chanting turn it up and other things like rock before it stops and starts with a real bass driven raunchy riff. It’s a very typical 80’s hard rock song so nothing too special here. 3.8/5

2. All She Wrote– This is one of my favorite tracks on the record that was actually the fourth and final single released from the record that starts right off the bat with an amazing guitar riff in a track about a guy who discovers his woman has left him by a letter she left. 5/5

3. Shake & Tumble– This was the first single off the record that did not chart at all and it’s 80’s raunchiness at it’s best with the big riffs and the big bass lines to match. 4/5

Firehouse-Firehouse-1990-Back-Cover-572304. Don’t Treat Me Bad– This was the second single that the band released that featured that combination of acoustic guitars and electric guitars that other bands were doing at the time. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it reached number 19 on the charts. 5/5

5. Oughta Be a Law– The track starts very slow and bluesy before it gets downright sleazy which is just the way we liked it back in the day in a track about a girl who is so sexy that it should be against the law. 4/5

6. Lover’s Lane– In this track we get some double bass in the beginning to go with our dose of hard rock which is just what we needed in a song about going to that special place where the magic happens. 4/5

7. Home Is Where the Heart Is– You have to love the keyboards in the beginning followed with some clean channel guitars before the electric gets plugged back in. 4/5

8. Don’t Walk Away– This is a straight up sleaze filled hard rock/blues track that reminds me a little of AC/DC. 4/5

Firehouse (1)9. Seasons of Change– This is an acoustic track that reminds me a lot of what Tesla did before them. 4/5

10. Overnight Sensation– But that last track leads into this one which is a certified hellraiser which is one of my other favorites from this album. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory as it’s about someone who makes it big out of nowhere hence the title overnight sensation. 5/5

11. Love Of A Lifetime– This is probably one of the world’s most famous ballad from FireHouse that everyone back in the day used it for their wedding song. The song peaked at number five on the billboard hot 100 charts and was the third single released off the album. 5/5

12. Helpless– This is the last track on the record and it’s another typical 80’s style song with the big power chords and big bass riffs. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– While FireHouse may not be one of my favorite bands to come out of the Hair Metal scene, you have to give it up to them because they did release one hell of a debut record. Unfortunately, the band came out too late into the game and they were overshadowed by the grunge scene that would explode in 1991/92. I am going to give the self titled debut record four stars out of five for a final grade.

Note: I also apologize for this coming out so late, but I didn’t have any reception or WiFi here in the state of Maine for a couple of days.


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