Tuesday Stand Up: Ralphie May: Imperfectly Yours (2013)

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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ralphie May TVI needed something to watch while I was having some down time while on vacation in Maine and I found the perfect comedian to help me out with that. Everyone’s favorite raunchy stand up comedian is back and in charge with a brand new comedy special that is on Netflix as we speak. The one and only plus size comedian Ralphie May is back with a new special on Netflix called Ralphie May: Imperfectly Yours which brings Ralphie to the city of sin. The special is new to Netflix, but it was actually filmed in 2013 as Ralphie takes the stage in Las Vegas to talk about various topics like being attacked in a casino by an old lady, Asian card dealers, Walking around the Las Vegas strip, Hipsters and hockey pucks as piercings as well as having beards, politics & racism, tipping, having an Asian President, dick measuring, big vaginas, as well as giving guys tips on how to be smooth with the ladies and other great stories that are funny as hell.

ralphie may 2Ralphie May is at his best in this special as he hits you with a funny story right after another. I am very surprised that it took two years for this special to come out considering Netflix has it saying 2015 next to the name of the special. One of the funniest stories that he gives all of us is his lesson on dating which includes how to pick up woman, being a great wing man, and the benefits of taking a big girl home. One of my other favorite stories that he tells is his jokes on Hipsters because he is so right on what became the look that all of them use today. Ralphie May is known for his no holds barred style that is dirty and he knows how to push the right buttons, but he does it with style. While I liked Unruly which is his special that came out this year, this one is definitely funny and maybe a little more than Unruly. This is definitely one to check out  as it was taped while Ralphie was celebrating his 25TH year in comedy and that is why I am going to give this special an A for a final grade. Check it out on Netflix right now.

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