Rock And Metal News: Phil Rudd Sentenced

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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ruddThe moment we have been waiting for has happened in New Zealand as legendary rock drummer Phil Rudd of AC/DC has learned just what his fate was. The rock drummer was arrested on drug charges and a charge of threatening to kill back in November of 2014 and Rudd also pleaded guilty to all the charges (The drug charge that Rudd pleaded guilty to was a cannabis and methamphetamine possession charge). Rudd appeared in court on July 9TH at the Tauranga District Court to find out that he was sentenced to eight months of home detention. Judge Thomas Ingram was stern in telling Rudd that if he violated his sentence at all, he would go to Jail. Ingram says, “I stone cold guarantee that’s where you’ll end up. I’m not your headmaster, I’m not your father. I’m a judge.” According to, “Prior to the ruling, the court was told that the drummer’s actions were the result of his methamphetamine psychosis brought on by his addiction to the drug. Affidavits issued also suggested that the musician would lose millions of dollars if he were convicted and not able to tour.” The Judge did tell Rudd that there was no evidence that he was going to return to AC/DC saying, “Queen replaced Freddie Mercury.” It remains to be seen what will happen in the future for Rudd as far as AC/DC is concerned, but Chris Slade is the man behind the kit at this moment.


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