Rock And Metal News: King Diamond With No Makeup

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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kingWhen you think of some of the most iconic members of the rock and heavy metal world that rocked makeup better than anyone and made it cool, King Diamond is actually on that list. King Diamond (real name Kim Bendix Petersen) has been rocking the makeup since Mercyful Fate’s debut in 1982 when they hit the scene with their self titled EP. So, it’s hard to imagine King Diamond going on stage like it’s hard to imagine Rob Halford without at least one piece of leather while on stage and that is exactly what King Diamond had to do. During a stop at The Rave in Milwaukee for the 2015 Mayhem Fest, King had to go on stage without makeup after a doctor advised him not to due to an eye infection. The doctor had prescribed medicine for the infection and I think it’s safe to say that fans were accepting of the fact that he wasn’t wearing it. After all, the man is a metal icon and we are just happy to have him on stage once again. King Diamond posted something on his website that read like, “Fortunately there was no negative feedback from this, judging by how absolutely insanely amazing the audience responded to our show. It was so good to be back playing for you all! Stay heavy!” If you want to check out some photos from the event, you can do so by visiting The Rave’s website here. Otherwise, check out a couple of photos below and check out a fan filmed performance from the show below:

King Diamond 2 king diamond


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