When I first saw the caption on Facebook, I honestly believed that this was going to be Korn covering Rihanna’s new track Bitch Better Have My Money which is off of her upcoming 8TH record. So, I was immediately interested because I have always loved unique and different types of covers and the band Korn. What we have instead is the band remixing the song and giving it a metal edge with Rihanna still singing the vocals. While some faithful to metal may reject the song naturally, it’s worth checking out because Korn delivers and gives the song the edge it needed with their Nu-Metal style. The great part like I said is that it fits perfectly and it’s a track that you can actually groove to even if you were never in to Rihanna in the first place and maybe you’ll find yourself headbanging a little or at least bumping it on your laptop or phone. Rihanna should have Korn remix all of her tracks or at least record with Korn. That would be a new feat for the band to accomplish seeing as they try to do new things with their music all the time. I’m just saying that this song would have been huge in 1999, but it’s 2015 after all. Check it out below and enjoy.


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