Everyone’s favorite Industrial metal act Fear Factory is back once again with some brand new music for all of you to enjoy on Music Monday. The band is gearing up to release their brand new album Genexus which hits the stores on August 7TH via Nuclear Blast Records. The album once again features those Sci-Fi themes that we have loved for years and has been a huge inspiration for singer Burton C. Bell. Bell tells Rolling Stone Magazine, “For us, this is the next stage of evolution for humanity, where nano-technology and machines and bionics become so much a part of us that the differentiation between human and machine becomes invisible. We were Cro-Magnon. Now we are the Genexus. Once we decide on the title, the concept and music really came together. There was a recent article in The New York Times about how major media companies are using computer algorithms to create news, finance and sports stories.
 I saw that. Programs like that are going to put a lot of people out of business. That’s another downside to the advancement of technology. People want jobs to be created, but the only jobs that are going to be left will be in the service industry. And even that is being taken over by machines. So what is everyone going to be doing? How will everyone survive? We are slowly eliminating humanity through technology. And it’s not even technology doing it to us; it’s us doing it to ourselves.” The band is currently on tour right now in Europe, but they will be hitting the States very soon with Coal Chamber, Jasta, and so many more. Check out the tour dates here and check out the new single ProtoMech below:


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