Chris Tucker LiveNetflix has done once again as they provide yet another great comedy special for all us to watch. When I think of one of my favorite comedians or comedic actors of the mid to late 90’s and early 2000’s, I immediately think of the charismatic Chis Tucker. The first time I noticed Chris was in his iconic role as Smokey in the 1995 comedy Friday and I instantly became a fan of his. The roles kept coming for Chris as he starred in iconic films like The Fifth Element and all of the Rush Hour films, but he would soon disappear. Now, Chris is on a resurgence of sorts and it all starts with his brand new Netflix Original Comedy specials entitled Chris Tucker Live. In this particular special, Chris really gets personal with the crowd as he tackles every issue from dating (and all the struggles of being famous and trying to date), paying taxes, Bill Collectors, Family (and issues with money), cops, McDonald’s, Michael Jackson, Friday, his mother and father, church, kids, going to Africa, Bill Clinton, and so many other great stories in this special filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

chris tucker 2As I said above, Netflix hits another home run with this comedy special from a man who deserves a second chance in show business as he entertains us once again. Chris really doesn’t hold anything back as he gives you some great insight into his life and all the struggles he has faced with fame. He even attempts to answer the question of whether we’ll ever get another Friday with him as Smokey. He does some great impressions in this special especially when he acts as Michael Jackson and you wonder how much of it is truthful or just a joke, but it’s funny as hell. My favorite part of the story is the chance encounter he has when Michael invites him along to Barry Gibbs house. You definitely have to check him out as he tells that story. Another great story he tells has o do when he is talking about his mother and his father as he paints a picture for you of how different they were especially the story of them in church. It’s definitely great to see him back on the scene and he does it with a great performance so here is to the future for Chris Tucker. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.


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