Music Video Of The Week: Eternal Wolves by Secrets Of The Sky

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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I am always looking for unique bands that are doing something I haven’t heard before or have music videos that are cool and interesting to watch. Secrets Of The Sky, the Oakland doom/black metal band is one of those bands that is doing something different on the scene and their music video is cool as well. Pathway is the name of the band’s new record which came out back in May of this year via Metal Blade Records and the band has just unleashed the music video for the seven minute track called Eternal Wolves. The music video for the track is primarily a performance based video which you never really get to see what the band looks like as they are playing in shadows of sorts, but their instruments are visible as well as the band’s singerĀ Garett Gazay. The one thing I really liked about this band (because this was first time hearing them) is the fact that you have Gazay singing in a black metal style voice over this eerie doom metal styled music which is something new for me and I really enjoyed it. The band is definitely worth checking out and you can do so by visiting their Facebook page here. Otherwise, check out the video below:


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