foo fighters fenwayUsually during a very hot and sweaty day, I would not be looking all that forward to it, but the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, and his broken leg were at the legendary Fenway Park for night two of their two night stay. What has been dubbed as the Broken Leg Tour due to an injury he suffered in Sweden brought a different dynamic to the show because he was confined to a throne of sorts. That didn’t damper the mood of any of the fans who were there to rock out no matter what condition Grohl was in and it’s admirable that he has even done. I say that because most bands would have packed it up and called it a day, but not Dave Grohl. Day two of the tour once again featured Royal Blood, a band made up of a bassist and a drummer and local Irish punk heroes The Dropkick Murphy’s. So, it definitely promised to be one heck of an evening filled with rock music and the Fenway Faithful.

foo fightersThe Foo Fighters kicked off their set with a bang playing the very popular and classic Everlong and following that with Monkey Wrench which were obviously crowd favorites by the sounds of the crowd eruption. The band continued to deliver hit after hit, but the real fun of the show began during the playing of Up In Arms as Dave began to tell the story of how he broke his leg in Sweden and how he came up with the moving throne. That wouldn’t be the only moment of fun or unique moments of the night that Dave would provide because he had a whole bag of tricks. During the band introductions, he would play snippets of Let It Go by The Cars which was to evoke emotion from the local Boston crowd, I’m The One by Van Halen, and a special performance of The White Stripes Seven Nation Army that was sung by Dave’s own orthopedic doctor Dr. Lew C. Schon, MD. While I could have been OK with a snippet of the song, they did the whole thing and it actually wasn’t too bad. The show featured acoustic performances of songs like My Hero and Times Like These as well as some cool covers of songs like Under Pressure and a special performance of School’s Out by Alice Cooper with Sully Erna of Godsmack on vocals to give the crowd another local celebrity.

foo fighters 2One of the things that Dave Grohl does best is that he is able to get the best out of a crowd no matter what night it is or what city it is. He was able to get the crowd to sing as loud as the crowd possibly could like a true master of their craft could. The crowd gave it their all in return for Dave Grohl giving it his all that night. One of the funnier re-occurring moments of the show was when they would finish a song, the crowd would chant out Foo and if you don’t know it, it sounds like they are booing him, but they weren’t and he acknowledged it a couple of times saying that i freaked him out. One statement that I will make right now is that Dave Grohl with one leg was ten times better than most of your acts that are out there today because this was definitely one of my all time favorite performances. I can only imagine what the man can do when he use of both legs. The Dropkick Murphy’s were definitely another highlight of the night for me as the band blazed through some of the classics that got the crowd going like Tessie, State Of Massachusetts, and I’m Shipping Up To Boston. Overall, it truly was a fun night of rock and overpriced hot dogs, but a night I will never forget.



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