Dave AttellThere are only a few guarantees in life when Tuesday Stand Up and this blog are concerned and one is that Comedy Central definitely produces great material and the second is that Dave Attell may be one of the dirtiest comics on the scene. If you don’t know who Dave Attell is, he was the host of his own comedy central show called Insomniacs and he hosted a late night show on Showtime called Dave’s Old Porn which was comical. So, that brings us to why we are talking about Dave Attell and that is last year he released a new comedy special through Comedy Central called Dave Attell: Road Work. It is probably one of the most unique specials I have reviewed for this because it’s not just in one location. You see the special is broken up into parts where you go to The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, MA, Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, MN, Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, and One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans. In the special, he holds nothing back as he tackles every inappropriate joke from midgets, cowgirl sex, porn, sex toys, strip clubs, the male anatomy, booze, gay marriage, fisting, blowjobs, Jerry Sandusky, lube, and flip flops just to name a few.

dave attellThe special definitely seemed like it was a lot of fun and it’s definitely different because as he claims it was low budget, but he has a member of the audience hold a camera or camera phone while he has two camera men with him as well. The only thing is that they are capturing the sound from the microphone and while it isn’t bad, it definitely gives it that low budget feel. While I enjoy Dave’s brand of comedy, some may have a problem with it as he is not for everyone as he constantly pushes the envelope with every joke. It’s definitely cool to see him with all the different crowds from different parts of the country and I have to applaud him for doing something like this rather than one special in one venue. I also have to applaud him for knowing how to work a crowd because he is definitely a master at it and it shows in this concert film. Do yourself a favor and check this out because it is currently available on Netflix to stream as we speak. I am going to give the special an A- for a final grade.

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