the-colour-and-the-shapeWhile Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are celebrating 20 years as a band and two amazing performances recently at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. I figured I would celebrate by review one of my favorite Foo Fighters albums for the album of the week. The album I chose for today was released on May 20, 1997 and it’s the album The Colour And The Shape and it was an album that represented change in many different ways for Dave Grohl. For starters, the record finnaly had somewhat of a lineup to it to officially call themselves the Foo Fighters as Pat Smear (Guitar) and Nate Mendel (Bass) joined him for this record as official personal while William Goldsmith was credited with playing the drums on some tracks. The second thing is that the album also represented a change in music and lyricism for Dave Grohl as he often aid the album was a therapy session as he was writing actual rock songs with meaningful lyrics. The album’s lyrics dealt a lot with the falling apart of his marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood, but it ranges in emotions from sad to happy by the end of the record. The third and final thing is that Gil Norton was brought in as a producer to bring that pop sensibility to launch the Foo Fighters to where they are today. The album itself is the biggest selling album in the US for the Foo Fighters having sold over two million copies and it peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The three main singles from the album My Hero, Everlong, and Monkey Wrench all peaked withing the top 10 of the Us Alternative charts and the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.

1. Doll– Dave Grohl has stated that the track is, “basically a song about being afraid to enter into something you’re not prepared for.” The song starts very softly with clean channel guitars before it launches into the next track. 4/5

2. Monkey Wrench– The song explodes right into your speakers with a hard charging riff in this up tempo rock song that Grohl describes, “a song about realizing that you are the source of all of the problems in a relationship and you love the other person so much, you want to free them of the problem, which is actually yourself. It was a riff that turned into another riff that turned into another riff and ended up being a nice little power punk song.” 5/5

Foo_Fighters-The_Colour_And_The_Shape-Trasera3. Hey, Johnny Park!– This is a song that Grohl wrote about a childhood friend that he had lost contact with so he named the song after him hoping that he would get in contact with Grohl. 4/5

4. My Poor Brain– The song starts off very grungy in nature before it gets soft and happy like. Dave says, “This song’s an experiment with dynamics, whether it’s the lyrics or the sound of the song. It’s just going from dreamy vocals to screamy vocals and Jackson Five to Black Sabbath. Sling it all in there.” 4/5

5. Wind Up– This straight up rocker is described by Grohl, “Wind Up is about the press. It has to do with me reading about people that… I mean there’s certain musicians who have nothing better to do than complain, People, that can’t feel fortunate for what they have been given, and if you don’t want it, then fucking just quit and get away from it. It drives me insane when I hear musicians that don’t understand how fortunate they are that they don’t have to go and pump gas for twelve hours a day. They can sit on their couch and smoke pot, and complain to their friends that they hate it when someone comes up and says that he likes their band. And it also has to do with… I mean there are two sides: there’s the reluctant rock-star, and then there is the prying journalist that almost lives for the reluctant rock-star, it’s just talking “about the hand you’ve been dealt.” Every time I hear about “the hand you’ve been dealt,” it drives me fucking nuts, spare me your confessions. And paramania is the joy of complaint, like if you’re a pyromaniac — if you’re a paramaniac, you love complaining about everything. I don’t want to complain about anything, I want people to know that I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I’ve had so many fucking bullshit jobs for the half of my life – you know, working in furniture warehouses and planting trees, painting houses – and it’s a lot more fun to play music.” 4/5

6. Up In Arms– This ballad like song with a an up tempo beat later in the track that is still played live to this day and Dave says it’s, “A typical love song. It’s almost like a Knack song, just a simple pop song.” 4/5

7. My Hero– One of my favorite tracks on the album is Dave’s criticism of our worship of idols. Some fans in the ooast thought the song was about Kurt Cobain, but Grohl says that it was, “(his) way of saying that when I was young, I didn’t have big rock heroes, I didn’t want to grow up and be some big sporting hero. My heroes were ordinary people and the people that I have a lot of respect for are just solid everyday people – people you can rely on.” 5/5

8. See You– The track starts off acoustically and it’s really poopy in sound. Grohk described it saying, Foo_Fighters-The_Colour_And_The_Shape-CD8. See You– The song starts off acoustically and just stays poppy all the way through. You can see why as Grohl describes the track saying, “Just another pop song. It was the one song that nobody wanted to put on the record, but it’s my favourite song. I think that the only reason it ended up on the record was that I re-did the drum track to make it sound like ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ by Queen.” 4/5

9. Enough Space-The song starts with a killer bass line and an opening that is pretty cool. The song is hard charging, definitely a good uptempo rock song to enjoy. The song  is apparently based on the movie Arizona Dream which was one of Grohl’s favorite films. 4.5/5

10. February Stars– Rumor has it that this track was recorded during the last session Nirvana ever had between Grohl and Krist Novoselic, but it was reworked and put on this album. 4/5

11. Everlong– This is my favorite track on the record that’s hard charging, but has great pop sensibility to it. The song is said to be about the moment Grohl fell in love with Louise Post of Veruca Salt 5/5

12. Walking After You– Grohl describes this acoustic track as, “It’s an emotional, sappy song about getting dumped.” The song was later re-recorded by the whole band fr the X-Files Soundtrack. 4/5

13. New Way Home– The last track on the record is definitely a scorcher and according to Grohl, “That’s about winding your way through all of these songs, emotions and pitfalls and ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you realize that you’re not scared any more and you’re gonna make it.” 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Obviously when you see a band like the Foo Fighters in concert, there are only so many songs they can play live, but this album is still amazing and relevant. We are going to look at this record 20 years from now and still consider it a classic. I am giving the record 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.


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