Rock And Metal News: After The Burial Guitarist Found Dead

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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After-The-Burial-Justin-LoweThe news for today is both sad and strange only because of the manner in which it has been reported. Ex-After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe was found dead Tuesday as his body was discovered by a hiker. Some of you may remember him because of the way he exited the band After The Burial as he claimed that there was a conspiracy against him. To read the full note because it’s a very long one, visit’s page right here to read it. Accordng to Loudwire, the band didn’t comment on the note for a little why because, ” the musician had actually gone missing and that he was in a broken state of mind and that they feared any statement might inhibit the search to find him.” According to more reports, the guitarists sister actually bgan posting messages online stating that he had gone missing again. According to, teh search for the guitarist ended as a hiker found the guitarist underneath the Arcola Bridge in Somerset, Wisconsin. The serahc for him began near there when they found his vehicle on the Minnesota side of the bridge. Authorites believe that the cause of death was a fall from the bridge. Justin Lowe was only 32 years old, our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and his ex-bandmates.

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