Tuesday Stand Up: Jim Norton: Contextually Inadequate (2015)

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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Jim NortonFor this week’s Tuesday Stand Up we have turned to Epix and they’ve done it again as they have produced another amazing stand up comedy special for all of us to view that is available on Netflix and once again it features funny man Jim Norton. Jim Norton is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians out there in the world and in this special you’ll understand why.The heavy metal comedian as I call him returned to Boston for his second one hour stand up comedy special recorded there called Jim Norton: Contextually Inadequate. In this special, the raw in your face comic tackles everything that is wrong with technology and various other topics like Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Jonah Hill, the media, gun owners, work place shootings, racism, privacy, Paul Dean, Twitter beefs, losing weight, Donald Sterling, dick pics today vs in the 80’s, and so much more as he gives it to you the only way he knows how.

jim norton 2One of the big things about this special is that he gives it you and you may not like what he has to say, but the man is right. He talks about how as a society we are too quick to call someone out on whatever they say when they are just being honest about how they feel and it’s sad. One of my favorite bits on the special was when he was talking about pron addiction today versus the way it was before technology. The way he goes into the joke and describes the way it was walking into a Rite Aid and asking to look at the “Binder”. I also loved it when he talked about how lame you have to be to use a duck call in order to hunt ducks who are dumb to begin with. I thought that was hilarious and just one of many amazing jokes throughout the night as he was masterful in balancing his jokes with some seriousness in there. As I said above, the special is available on Netflix for all of you to enjoy and I suggest that you check it out. I am giving the special an A for a final grade.

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