For today’s Soundtrack Saturday song, we are going back to the very early nineties where 80’s metal was still kind of ruling on it’s last leg. To me, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead is an classic film in it’s own right even though it became a cult classic after it’s initial release with a soundtrack that boasted a mix of different types of artists that helped make the film iconic. The film starred Christina Applegate as Swell, the big sister in the house that has to get a job during summer vacation in order for her family to survive. You see her mom went on some kind of safari and left them with a babysitter, but the only problem is that the babysitter ends up croaking leaving Swell with no choice. The sound track featured artists like Alias, Modern English, Beat Goes Bang, Army Of Lovers, and today’s featured artist in Brad Gillis. Brad Gillis is the legendary guitarist from Night Ranger who has played with some of the best in the business and he provided the track Stampede for the soundtrack. It was later released two years later on his solo album Gilrock Ranch. The song is literally Brad Gillis showing off what he can do with his axe throughout the whole track. Check it out below:


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