women who killFor this week’s Tuesday Stand Up special, I decided t celebrate the women of comedy because of the fact that I don’t do that enough. The special I found on Netflix is called Women Who Kill and it featured stand up from Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Nikki Glaser, and Marina Franklin. In the special, Amy tackles topics like being shallow, breaking up, how Hollywood can kill your self esteem, aging, Special Olympics, and having Google in the delivery room to make sure you don’t pick stupid names. Rachel Feinstein is up next and she tackles issues like voluptuous men, meeting guys, Vegas & Douchebags, the guys you date after jerks, and her mom in a Dangerous Minds situation. Nikki Glaser tells you about getting out of a ticket, sex, breaking up on Skype, revenge, kids, Amber Alerts, texting, and more. Marina Franklin tackles topics like looking for a man, being a cougar, white guys who make her thin, going to Africa and England, double dutch, proving your blackness, and minding your business in New York to name a few as all four comedians performed at the  Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University in New York.

women who kill 3Out of all the comedians that appeared on this, Rachel Feinstein was definitely one of my favorites. I would love to see a fill half hour/hour special from her because she kills it with her brand of comedy and the impressions. All of them are great on this special, but she just struck that right chord that made me laugh all the way through her short set. One of my favorite moments from her set came when she talked about the douchebag she met in Las Vegas who asked her if she knew what Vegas was all about. What came next was just awesome. My favorite moment from Amy was more or less the way she connects with the crowd and craps on them in a lovingly joking way especial with having google in the delivery room. From Nikki, it has to be when she explains all the different ways in which she spells her name depending on who she dates while proving her blackness from Marina was definitely one  of my favorites from her. I would honestly watch a special from any of these beautiful ladies that appeared in this special and you can check it out on Netflix right now. I am giving the special an B+ for a final grade.


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