Deftones_-_White_Pony-greycoverartSince we missed a week at one point with the album of the week posts, we have decided to give you a second album of the week this week to make up for it. The Deftones are currently on tour right now with Incubus and they are about to play in my home state of Massachusetts on Friday. Out of all the bands that came out of the Nu-Metal scene, the Deftones were by far one of my favorites from the scene just because they were different. While the band was known to have some hard hitting material at times, they were times where you could see Chino’s other influences which bands like Depeche Mode and even The Cure being put into their material. At the point of the release of this record, the scene was changing and the Deftones wanted to separate themselves from the Nu-Metal scene as much as they could and this album White Pony would help launch them further into their careers. The band which was made up of the late and great Chi Cheng (Bass), Chino Moreno (Vocals), Stephen Carpenter (Guitars), Abe Cunningham (Drums), and the newest member of the band at the time Frank Delgado (Sampling, electronics). This album was huge for the band as it peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 200 charts as it was certified platinum.

1. Feiticeira- Chino describes the track saying, “The name Feiticeira is some Portuguese name that I read in a magazine and just liked. It’s based on the scenario of being taken captive. It’s completely fictional. I want that people who listen to it feel like they are the ones in the situation. Because of that I sing it in first person. It’s up to people to figure out if i’m having fun (with them) or not, even though it sounds a bit eerie.” 4/5

deftones_-_white_pony_-_cd2. Digital Bath– The track has a trip hop sound from the drums with some warm and inviting guitars about a man who kills a girl while she is bathing by electrifying her. 5/5

3. Elite– this is an in your face track reminiscent of music from the first album with some hardcore signing from Chino. Moreno once described the song saying that it, “is laughing at everybody trying to become what they already are. If you want to be one of the elite, you are.” 45

4. Rx Queen– a touching and “most futuristic song in the album” according to Chino with some cool percussion effects o a track that is about a guy who falls in love with a girl despite her being sick. 5/5

5. Street Carp– Much like the track Elite, the song is very aggressive and in your face. Moreno has said, “It’s a classic Deftones song, with a rolling riff and some really interesting chords in the chorus. the vocals are kinda crazy – I’m singing out loud over the top of the music, like (The Smiths front man) Morrissey or something, a cool contrast.” 4/5

6. Teenager– the track starts with some real atmospheric beats over that Trip hop sound about a young romance coming to an end. Chino has said that he wrote the song when he was 15 and that it was originally meant for Team Sleep. 4/5

deftones_-_white_pony_(2000)-back7. Knife Prty– This is an excellent track on the record from the band that is really atmospheric as Moreno described it, “It’s a seductive song with a lot of violent imagery. People don’t tend to like sex mixed with violence. The mid section has amazing vocals from a girl called Rodleen who worked next door to our studio.” 5/5

8. Korea–  According to the guys, this was the first song written for the record which is pretty heavy and Moreno says its about, “the white pony, strippers, and drugs.” 4/5

9. Passenger– This is one of the coolest songs on the record that features guest vocals from Tool’s Maynard James Keenan and it’s one of the grooviest tracks on the record. 5/5

10. Change (In The House Of Flies)– This was one of my favorite tracks on the record that reminded me a lot of Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) and it was also the first single from the record. 5/5

11. Pink Maggit– Moreno describes this moody track saying, “The title comes from a Kool Keith song. We just thought it was some funny stuff. The song is meant to be triumphant. I’m trying to spread a little confidence. Lots of artists try to make songs for the kids who are tormented in school, telling them it’s okay to be tormented. But it’s not okay. Don’t be ridiculed. Become the leader of your surroundings. Confidence is one of the most important things in life. If you are confident, you can do whatever you want.” 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This was definitely the break out album for the band that made you pay attention to them if you hdn’t already before. I remember that this album was being pushed as far as the date of release was concerned because everyone in my high school (not everyone, just the metalheads)was salivating to buy this when it came out. I am going to give the album 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade. While you’re at it, like the official Facebook page for Moshpits & Movies here


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