Lp_NqIt is finally here and that means that the countdown to Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation is finally in the books and I have the review for you. Once again the gang is all here with Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible) as Ethan Hunt, Jeremy Renner (Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol) as Brandt, Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible III) as Benji, and Ving Rhames (Mission: Impossible) as Luther all return for the fifth installment. In this one, Ethan is still on the hunt to prove that the Syndicate is real and he will go out at all costs to prove it. The only thing is that he has a couple of problems on his hands with one being the CIA had IMF shut down and he is now a fugitive on the run and the second thing is that he has to trust a rogue assassin to help him find the leader of the syndicate as they chase all around the world. Can Ethan get the job done with the help of his old team or will it be too late for him and IMF as we know it? The film also stars Alec Baldwin (The Getaway) as Alan Hunley, Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules) as Ilsa Faust, Sean Harris (Prometheus) as Lane, Simon McBurney (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) as Atlee, Tom Hollander (About Time) as The British Prime Minister, Jens Hultén (Skyfall) as The Bonecrusher, Wolfgang Stegemann (Edge Of Tomorrow) as Assassin, and the film was directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher). Now let’s check out some of the stats before we get into the review of the film.











rogue nationOne thing I have to point out about this series before we get into anything that has to do with this film in particular and that is Tom Cruise has a different director for each film. Not only that, but he has chooses directors that he has done films with before the making of whatever the current film is. So in this film, Ethan Hunt has a total of 21 knockouts/kills and he still has no origin story to speak of, but there are references to various films in the series. I am not entirely sure if we can count the woman he has to trust as a love interest, but that is why I placed the question marks there in the first place. Throughout the film, the team is put through the rigger with one of them being kidnapped at one point in the film (you’ll have t see it for yourself to figure out who I am talking about). The big boss in this film is defeated, but the way they do it is clever as hell. I loved the fact that in the beginning they reference some of the missions from various films as Baldwin’s character is claiming that the team is reckless. They head to a former Soviet country in this film in Belarus and they go back to England which was one of the settings in the first film as well as they used Austria and Morocco for more settings in the film as well. This was definitely a really good film, but it’s not better than Ghost Protocol which is by far my favorite in the series. It has some amazing cinematography and some great action sequences, but I could have used a little more. With that being said, I am still going to give this film four fists out of five for a final grade.


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