bill burrOnce again for today’s special we have both turned to Netflix for the special and a comedian we love. In 2014, Bill Burr won the first ever Stand Up Special Of The Year Award at the 4TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards which was voted by the people for his special I’m Sorry You Feel That Way. It was an award that was much deserved for Bill and he is becoming one of my all time favorites. So, for today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I decided to go to Netflix and check out his special Bill Burr- Let It Go which was filmed at The Fillmore in San Francisco in 2010. In the special, he tackles any topic imaginable like disgusting people, Oprah, being older and full of crap, Asians, Racism, big food chains, youtube, automated machines, customer service, holidays, kids, bankers, rescue dogs, and getting older as all these topics were developed while he was on the road from 2008 to 2009.

bill burr 2Bill Burr is honestly one of the funniest comedians I have ever watched because I just enjoy his in your face approach to his stage show. He tells his jokes with conviction and delivers them with the right amount of swagger and I just love his Boston accent. He grew up three towns or so away from me and so I understand a lot of his comedy and where it comes from. One of my favorite jokes from the special is when he is talking about the “rescue dog” or free dog as he calls it because seriously, what did we rescue them from anyways? He talks about how he hated the Pitbull at first, but then out of nowhere he fell in love with the dog and when you hear the whole joke it’s hilarious. When he rants about big food chains, self checkouts, and other annoying things with technology and the world, it’s very funny. He was on to something to say the least back in 2010, but obviously no one listened. If you get a chance to check out any of his comedy specials, I would suggest you do so because they are great. I am giving this one an A for a final grade.


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