Music Video Of The Week: Speed Of Light by Iron Maiden

Posted: August 14, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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The moment every metal fan has been waiting for has finally arrived and we here at Moshpits and Movies are excited to debut the new music video from Iron Maiden as our Music Video Of The Week. The band announced earlier in the year that they were going to release their first double record The Book Of Souls right after singer Bruce Dickinson had announced that he had beaten cancer. Now the band has released their first single and a music video for the track Speed Of Light which takes our favorite mascot Eddie into the video game world through all the years of development. In an interview with the BBC, Dickinson discussed how the battle with cancer may have affected his singing on the new album, “Well, I mean, speaking voice-wise, everything is fine. I mean, the whole thing is still healing up, so, you can imagine, to get rid of that with radiation has given it… The inside of my head has been cooked, pretty effectively. So, you know, that will all take a while to heal up and it’s coming back. But, I mean, I’ve got… I can sing, I can talk… I haven’t gone out and done the equivalent of trying to run a hundred meters in the same way that I used to sing before. ‘Cause let it all calm down. I only finished coming out of treatment two months ago, for God’s sake, and the doctor said, ‘It’ll take a year for you to be better.’ Well, we’ve beaten that by about six months so far, but I’m not gonna try and push things to prove a point. We’ve got loads of time.” Check out the music video for Speed Of Light below and look out for The Book Of Souls which comes out September 4TH.


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