Tuesday Stand Up: Demetri Martin: Live (At This Time) (2015)

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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demetri martinFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I once again turned to who I believe is the superior company right now putting out great stand up specials one right after another in Netflix. I had never watched a stand up special from New York City comedian Demetri Martin, but I had heard a lot of great things about him so that when I saw he had a brand new special up on Netflix, I just had to watch it. The special is called Demetri Martin: Live (At This Time) where the comedian tackles one joke after another with topics like signs, pets vs things we eat, hairless cats, flies, soap scum, abracadabra vs please, French, prune juice, airports, souvenirs, karate, fruit and vegetable anatomy, death, thoughts & prayers, fart jokes, food jokes, and so much more that it would just go on and on as far as listing them is concerned for the human joke machine that is Demetri Martin.

demetri 2At first I was thinking that Demetri Martin was okay and that he was just saying one joke right after another, but that is his style and it works for him. The hairless cat joke that he tells is what kicked off the laughs for me during the special as he said that someone up stairs procrastinated when it came to making all the animals. The French joke that he tells during the show is very clever in my view. He starts off by saying that he loves French toast better than regular toast and French kissing better than a regular kiss so putting French in front of something makes it better except for the people. He is very quick with his jokes and he has a lot of them to tell throughout the whole show. One of the cool things during the show is when he brings out the guitar because the jokes are a little more no holds barred. A lot of times his jokes make really cool analogies like the fart jokes that he tells during the show or the vegetable/fruit anatomy joke. Check him out on Netflix right now as we speak. I am going to give the special an A- for a final grade.


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