Happy Birthday Layne Staley

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Rock And Metal News
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layneOut of all the bands that came out of the Seattle grunge scene, no band had as tragic of an ending as Alice In Chains. I say that because the band housed what one of he greatest and gifted vocalists from that scene in Layne Staley. He had a voice that was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Vocalists since then have been trying to emulate him to no avail. He had a voice that was so unique that it was purely untouchable. Today (August 22) would have been Layne’s 48TH birthday had Layne lived. It’s truly a tragic story because Layne was such a talented individual who was essentially the voice of Alice In Chains and will always be, but had a little bit of a problem. I remember the day I had heard the news that Layne had passed away back in April of 2002. I was hanging out with my best friend and when we left a club, we turned the radio to a local radio station (94HJY) and the Doctor of Metal Mike Gonsalves (who passed away a year later in the Infamous Station Nightclub Fire) was on the air. He out of nowhere announced that Layne had passed away and I couldn’t believe it. I called the radio station and the doc confirmed it with me that it was true. I had high hopes that the band was going to get back together, but unfortunately it never happened. It’s okay because I have my DVD’s and CD’s of music from Layne that I will always cherish. Happy Birthday Layne.


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