tight pantsWhen rock and roll seemed like it was out of style, there was a band out there called Buckcherry that picked up the pieces for guys who were desiring bands of that nature. With a classic catalog full of great tracks like Lit Up, Crazy B****, Ridin’, Too Drunk…, It’s A Party, Gluttony, and Dead to name a few, the band is continuing in that tradition with their brand new album Rock ‘n’ Roll which came out this past Friday (August 21, 2015) via the band’s own F-Bomb Records. The band just recently revealed the music video for the single Tight Pants which is an absolute rock classic tribute to the classic behind. Besides most of the female body that every man desires, there is nothing better than a great behind and that is what you get in this music video and there’s plenty of it. One thing about the track you’ll find and that is there’s a horn section in the song which sounds really cool. Josh Todd spoke to Loudwire.com about the track, “That was actually Keith [Nelson]’s idea. He’s like, ‘Hey man I got this idea for this horn section on ‘Tight Pants.’’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, let’s hear it, and if we don’t like it we can always take it out.’ He put it in, and we would sit around and listen to the rough mixes of that for so long before he actually mixed the record, and we’re just like we can’t hear the song without it now.” Check out the video below:

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