BASIC TRAININGI love websites that offer you suggestions because sometimes they offer you some really good suggestions based on whatever you are watching at the time. That is exactly how I discovered today’s Cheeseball Cinema film was through a suggestion on the side of Youtube in the 1985 film Basic Training. The film stars Ann Dusenberry (Jaws 2) as Melinda, a girl who is down and out and looking for a fresh new start in our nations capital Washington D.C.. A friend of hers named Debbie (Rhonda Shear) gets her a job at the Pentagon which Melinda thinks is awesome until she actually shows up for work. There she discovers that everything is not as it seems in a place that should be in a serious environment. Melinda with the help of her friends, vows to change things at the Pentagon one general at a time during a very sensitive time in the 80’s. The film also stars Angela Aames (Chopping Mall) as Cheryl, Will Nye (Clue) as Lt. Cranston, Walter Gotell (From Russia With Love) as Nabokov, Marty Brill (The Pope Of Greenwich Village) as Gen. Strombs, William A. Forester (The Cry Baby Killer) as Gen. Kane, Christopher Pennock (Dark Shadows) as Major Magnum, Gerard Prendergast (Bachelor Party) as Bill Slater, Gerald Berns (Rocky IV) as Steve, and the film was directed by Andrew Sugerman (Death Sentence).

The Girls Of Basic TrainingYou should be able to tell by the title card on the TV screen that this film is not able the actual basic training you go through when entering the military. Oh no, this is a sex crazed and filled film taking place at the Pentagon with a little hint of paranoia of the Soviets as the cold war was at the tail end of its existence. As I stated in the previous sentence, if you are looking for T&A to go along with your lame comedy, then you hit the jackpot with this film, but I do have to say that I was impressed with Ann Dusenberry. Not only was she hot and sex, but the girl could also act and she proves it in this film. She holds out on showing anything for almost the whole entire film which makes it more desirable to see and she doesn’t disappoint. The story is kind of all over the place because it confuses you as to whether it’s a romance or a comedy and is she making all the generals work because she wants to regain the lost information? Or is it just because she wants them to work harder than having sex on their minds all day? Never fear though because all is answered at the very end of the film that you’ll have to watch to find out for yourself. Literally according to this film, they were not doing anything but having sex all day while at work in the Pentagon. Well, it does explain the 80’s just a little bit. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give this film a 3.6 for a final grade.


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