This doesn’t really happen that often, but when you hear an amazing cover, you gravitate to it and it blows your mind at how awesome it sounds. To me, that is the point of deciding to take a song that was a classic and cover it for a new generation you may not have heard the original. Kobra And The Lotus is a Canadian heavy metal band that was formed by the beautiful and talented Kobra Paige back in 2009. The band just released their first EP titled Words Of The Prophet on August 28TH which sees the band cover songs from fellow Canadian bands that they grew up listening to like April Wine, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Rush, and today’s cover from Alannah Myles. In 1990, Alannah Myles released the track Black Velvet which blew up the charts here in America just because of that bluesy voice (or at least I loved her vocals). Now Kobra Paige and her band Kobra And The Lotus decided to take a crack at the song and they did not disappoint. It’s amazing to hear those crunching guitars and bass line that go with this blues classic and Kobra’s vocals definitely do not disappoint either. We have an added bonus for all of you guys as we have the music video for the song for you guys to enjoy as well. So, enjoy the track and check out the band’s website here.


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