BillboardIt has been a huge couple of weeks for metal as far as new releases are concerned. We saw new releases from Motorhead, Ghost, Act Of Defiance, Soulfly, and Battlecross to name a few. For today’s Rock And Metal News piece, we are covering all of the albums that debuted or will debut on the Billboard Top 200 charts and so on and so forth. The first band I want to talk about is Ghost, who just released there third Psalm (or album) titled Meliora and it  is going to debut at number 8 on the Billboard Top 200 charts as well as number one on the independent charts and number 2 on the rock charts selling over 29,000 copies in it’s first week. The album has received so much praise from the press that Rolling Stone said, “The band has done more to bring blasphemous, religion-skewering devil rock to the mainstream masses than perhaps any act since Marilyn Manson rose from the swamps of Florida to declare himself the Antichrist Superstar.” Another album that is hitting the charts as well is the debut album from Act of Defiance, which is the band that features Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick from Megadeth. The band’s album The Birth And The Burial (you can see my review here) hits #171 on the Top 200 Charts and #124 Top 200 Current Albums chart. Another Metal Blade Records band in Battlecross is also making it to the Top 200 charts with their new album Rise To Power which comes in at #103 on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart and #137 on the Top 200 charts. Guitarist Tony Asta had this to say about the charts, “We love our fans and I often say they are the best on the planet. You know it must be true because we are proud to announce “Rise To Power” charted well, thanks to you. Thank you all for your support, see you all on the road!” Congratulations to all the bands, this is huge for Rock and Metal moving forward in 2015. We should note that Bullet For My Valentine’s Venom also made the top 200 and according to, the top 10 as well and Soulfly’s Archangel in the top 200 too.


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