Single Of The Week: Cast The First Stone by Slayer

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Single Of The Week
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The other day I entered a local Best Buy and I was surprised to see something on the shelves at the store. I saw a Repentless CD single from Slayer on the shelf and I immediately thought, “they still put out singles these days?” I loved that they were selling that, I just didn’t think stores carried singles anymore. Well in other news, Slayer has bestowed us with yet another single off their new album Repentless which comes out September 11TH and the single is called Cast The First Stone. In an interview with OC Weekly, Kerry King told them the story behind the track saying, “I was in Athens, Greece. We were on tour either last year or the year prior and we had three days off during a Turkish raid and we couldn’t go home when that was going on. I was just walking around the streets of Athens thinking about all the strife and war that went on historically in Greece and all through Europe at that time. I went back to my room during those three days and finished it.” Thanks to Adult Swim, we have access to the track and you can download it as well. Check it out below:

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