colin quinn unconstFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I wanted to turn to someone for a different style of comedy than what we were all used to seeing every week on here. For those of you that are too young to know who Colin Quinn is, he was a brilliant cast member of Saturday Night Live as he was the master of Weekend Update in his time. Back in 2011, Colin Quinn did an HBO special called Long Story Short, where he wrote comedy around the history of the world and I thought it was brilliant. Colin with that special made history fun to learn which is very rare in the comedy world. This year, Colin Quinn returns with a new special called Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional which you might have guessed covers the constitution of the United States Of America. In this special, he tackles everything about the constitution and everything that is still right or wrong about it as well as covering the class system, differences in comedy today vs 60 years ago, being PC, ethnic jokes, fat shaming, press, religion, preachers, hunters, commerce, and Canada to name a few .

colin quinn 3As I said above, Colin Quinn makes history fun to listen to because of the way he explains the history by dummying it down for everyone to understand. He’ll use funny examples to explain events or America like it was the cool bar that everyone in the world wanted to go to, but couldn’t. The way he does his comedy is relatable and it’s original because no other comedian does what Colin Quinn does. In my opinion, Colin reinvented himself and found his niche for the second half of his career and you have to applaud him for that. One of my favorite examples that he talks about is comparing Canada to the United States stating that Canada is like Emilio Estevez and the US is Charlie Sheen. Emilio probably still looks good, but no one gives a shit about him while Charlie is so crazy that we are wondering what he’ll do next. You’ll also love how he spits in the face of the PC world by making fun of it which I have to say is a breath of fresh air (in my opinion). Nevertheless, this is a special that you should all check out as it is available on Netflix right now. I am giving the special an A- for a final grade.

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